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Environmental management system

Environmental management system

Areas Addressed

  1. Promoting the Manufacturing of Products that Take the Environment into Consideration
  2. Working to Prevent Environmental Pollution by Adhering to Environmental Regulations and Our Own Stringent Guidelines
  3. Promoting the Manufacturing Activities that Take the Environment into Consideration
    • (1) Promoting proactive energy conservation programs.
    • (2) Promoting programs to minimize the discharge of industrial waste and striving not to generate landfill waste.
    • (3) Promoting clear programs for enhancing the environment.
  4. Plan for participating as a corporate citizen in community programs aimed at protecting the environment.
    • (1) Develop close communication with the nearby community.
    • (2) Develop close communication within our company.

Environmental protection organization chart

Environmental policy

Izumi has make global environmental protection one of its key themes and has established the following environmental policy.

  1. Obey the law.

    In order to protect the environment, Izumi shall establish self-standards as well as obey with the environmental laws of Japan, Aichi Prefecture and Obu City.

  2. As part of our corporate practices, Izumi shall continue to improve the environment and prevent pollution.

    The environmental effects of our essential business practices, our products, our manufacturing equipment and each process related to the manufacture of compressor and automotive parts, including the development, design, manufacturing, marketing and disposal after use, shall be evaluated for their impact on the environment and ongoing measures shall be taken to improve upon them and thereby prevent pollution.

  3. Environmental objectives and goals will be established, which will continue to be reviewed.

    Goals and objectives for environmental issues facing Izumi shall be established, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of industrial waste, the treatment of chemicals and water quality management, and improvement practices will be implemented and passed onto the PDCA on a regularly scheduled and continuous basis.

  4. Personnel will be instilled with respect for the environment.

    Izumi shall proactively conduct environmental training and instill awareness in its employees and those of its business associates, nurture a staff that respects and is innately compelled to take responsibility for protecting the environment and living harmoniously with the surrounding community.


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