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Message from President

Message from President

Hiroya kouno, President and CEO
Hiroya Kouno,
President and CEO

Since its founding 60 years ago, Izumi has been helping its customers continue their businesses. During that time we have adhered to our corporate motto of "Use fair corporate practices and strive in the areas of technical research and development in order to satisfy our customers with our products and service" and took on the challenges of a wide range of products so that we now design and build manufacturing equipment and play a key role in companies producing parts for air conditioner compressors and engine cam shafts. In particular, many of our customers have come to know as "Friction Welding Izumi" as they use our friction welding equipment.

The financial turmoil in recent times has caused the needs of our customers to diversify and this has created a harsh business environment for us, but we have dedicated ourselves to bringing together the knowhow of each and every employee, and using our creativity and team work -- along with a lot of perspiration -- in order to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and contribute to the enhancement of their businesses.

In closing, I respectfully ask for you continuing support and cooperation.

Corporate Creed

  1. Respect the spirit of the law and use fair and transparent business practices.
  2. Respect the customs and culture of the community and contribute to its economic and social development.
  3. Provide clean and safe products and services; use diverse corporate activities to take on the challenges of creating abundance in the community and a world pleasant to live in.
  4. Be dedicated to technical research and development in order to provide products and services that satisfy our customers.
  5. Create a corporate culture based on reciprocal trust between labor and management and responsibility for ones own actions that will optimize both personal creativity and teamwork.



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