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Maintaining customer trust is Izumi's No.1 policy and protecting your personal information is an extremely important issue to us. Therefore, Izumi is well aware that protecting the personal information entrusted to us by our customers is an integral condition for the advancement of our corporate policy. The following is an overview of the methods Izumi uses to control and protect the personal information provided to us by our customers.

Range of customer personal information.

Personal information is information relating to the customer as an individual and includes: name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, purchases made at the Izumi website, Izumi website access history as well as other numbers or codes used to identify the customer as an individual. In addition, personal information also includes information that by itself would not enable the identification of an individual, but could be easily verified through other information and used to identify an individual.

Definition of the purpose of using personal information

Some of the pages on the Izumi website request that personal information be provided so that faster customer service can be provided. Accordingly, Izumi requests that it be able to collect and use the information it feels is essential to achieving this clearly defined purpose and intent. Please see the following "Definition of the purpose of using personal information" for details about how personal information will be utilized.

Definition of the purpose of using personal information

Below is the intent of the personal information acquired from Izumi web pages such as: Download Pamphlet, Purchasing, Overhaul, Maintenance or Repair, Request Catalog, Demonstration, Relocation or Exports, Others.

  • The information is used for responding to an customer inquiry or sending documents by mail, or for contacting the customer to confirm information.
  • Depending on the type of information requested, contact may be made by sending information to the person in charge of that area within the customer's organization.

In addition, information that does not include personal information may be used for the following reasons.

  • Information that is used as reference for improving Izumi service or developing products.
  • Information that may be used as a reference when designing the Izumi web page.

Providing personal information to third parties

The personal information collected by Izumi will be carefully controlled and will not be be modified, displayed or provided to any third party without the permission of the customer. However, this shall not apply to the following.

  • When name and address is provided to a company consigned to delivering items.
  • When requested to provide personal information to organizations as stipulated by law.
  • When necessary to protect the life, health, assets and interests of the customer.

Protection of personal information at consigned businesses.

Izumi may consign the business of processing, etc., personal information to an outside company, only for the business of Izumi relating to the above.
When Izumi consigns such business operations, it will select a company that can offer adequate protection of personal information and will obligate that company to put in place the appropriate and most advanced measures to prevent the leakage or falsification of information, and perform audits and other such measures to confirm compliance. In addition, Izumi may request a company to which it has consigned business to respond to a query from a customer when Izumi determines that it is appropriate to obtain an answer from such a company.

Protection of personal information and appropriate controls

Izumi will not provide personal information obtained from customers to any third party, with the exception of the relevant companies consigned to do business for Izumi, as referenced above. In particular, Izumi will never lend or sell personal information to a third party, or conduct similar activities with any type of personal information broker or any third party other than those described above.
Izumi will implement safe measures for security for ensuring the accuracy and safety of personal information, and protect the personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. In addition, when there is a need to improve our security system based on incidents or by request of our customers or companies we do business with, Izumi will strive to quickly make such corrections, improvements and take preventative steps.

Providing, correcting and other handling of personal information

When Izumi is requested by a customer or his/her representative to provide or correct personal information (i.e., correct, add, delete, stop using, erase or stop providing personal information to a third part), Izumi will respect the wishes of the customer and respond as stipulated by law within a reasonable scope and time frame. Note that legal obligations to retain information may prevent Izumi from deleting personal information.

Adhering to laws and maintaining and improving measures to protect personal information

Izumi adheres to all the appropriate laws of Japan relating to personal information and its handling and is in ongoing compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information. In addition, Izumi is continually striving to review and improve its management of personal information through a process internal audits and management review. As a result, please be advised that this may result in changes to the Izumi personal information protection policy.
Accordingly, changes to the Izumi personal information protection policy will go into effect at the time of the change.

As of October 31, 2012


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