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Pre-Production Services

Pre-Production Services

Izumi will make the best prototype for your needs.

Izumi offers a service that will make a sample or do test processing that you can evaluate when you are looking into purchasing equipment or collecting data for such areas as research and development or improving your manufacturing processes or production volume. Needless to say, Izumi is ready to meet your needs from small items all the way to large products. Let Izumi help you when using special materials or complicated issues.

Friction welding development center

For conducting friction welding in an efficient manner, reliable machinery and know-how best suited for intended components are indispensable.

IZUMI has a wealth of data supported by various experimental machines ranging from small-sized to large-sized, and plenty of experience to meet our customer’s needs and request for friction welding special materials and providing joints of higher quality. Furthermore, we are working on enhancing the reliability of our friction welding machines through a wide range of research, such as application of electronics and evaluation of new technologies.

Friction welding development center

Sample manufacturing

Quality verification for friction welding
Tensile strength

Since the strength of a FW (friction welding) material becomes stronger than its base material, the base material breaks.

Rotating bending fatigue limit

The fatigue limit of the FW material rises slightly after friction welding. However, the limit returns to the same level as that of the base material if the FW material is normalized after friction welding.

Hardness distribution

The hardness of the portions around the FW point increases if the harden ability of the FW material is high. When normalized after friction welding, the hardness returns to the same level as the base material.

Micro structures

Sufficient diffusion of material constituents is observed both when materials are similar and dissimilar, forming a complete bond at their FW points.

Cost confirmation

We will make proposals that will help you rationalize your welding processes, reevaluate your manufacturing processes while reducing your costs.


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